Our lab offers students and fellows training opportunities to learn an array of molecular biology and genetic techniques to study toxicology and aging using the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans. 


Postdoctoral fellows interested in joining the lab should contact Dr. Wu directly to discuss research projects. Eligible applicants are encouraged to develop research proposals with Dr. Wu in applying for external research funding support. 

Postdoctoral Funding Opportunities:

SHRF (Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation) Research Fellowship

NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council) Postdoctoral Fellowship 

CIHR (Canadian Institutes of Health Research) Fellowship Awards


Graduate students

We currently have funding available for 1 Ph.D. student and 1 M.Sc. student.

Motivated and qualified students interested in pursuing graduate research with training in molecular genetics, physiology, stress biology, and/or aging are encouraged contact Dr. Wu directly for available positions.

Graduate students can apply to either the Veterinary Biomedical Sciences program OR the Toxicology Program to join the lab. Full stipend is guaranteed for highly qualified students, and additional supplement is provided for those that obtain Tri-council graduate scholarships (NSERC or CIHR).


Undergraduate students

 We are always seeking motivated undergraduate students interested in doing research in the summer (NSERC USRA) or during the school year (Honour's research projects). Interested students should contact Dr. Wu directly to discuss potential opportunities.